Louisiana Tech player notes for Mar 2nd, 2019

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March 02, 2019 at 1:56 am.

Jaylon Ferguson – Noteworthy
Louisiana Tech defensive end Jaylon Ferguson and Colorado State wide receiver Preston Williams have already completed their work in Indianapolis. They didn’t lift weights, didn’t get clocked in the 40-yard dash, didn’t even appear on the NFL telecast. Instead, they took medical tests and tried explaining to team officials why they couldn’t work out with everyone else at the league’s annual scouting combine. The opportunity was a crucial, minor victory for two potentially high draft picks with checkered pasts – and a major win for the 32 teams debating where Ferguson and Williams belong on their draft boards.

“The hardest thing for us to do is the medical, physical and interview process,” Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco said Thursday. “It’s hard to fly a prospect to 32 different cities, which is why the combine started in the first place. We bring them to one central location. We all bring our doctors here. We get the medical evaluation done. It would be very difficult to do it if they weren’t here. So, the fact that they’re here for a physical and limited interviews, it does helps us.” Ferguson and Williams took full advantage of the chance to tell their stories. “I explained that was at a different point in my life. I was 18, and I’m not really a bad guy,” Ferguson told The Associated Press when asked about his conviction on a simple battery charge stemming from a fight during his freshman year at college. “As I explained the story, I think a lot of people understood.” – AP Football