Michigan player notes for Mar 18th, 2019

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March 18, 2019 at 2:25 am.

Chase Winovich – Noteworthy
The first purchase for former Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich after he inks an NFL contract will be a new car. Not for himself, but for his mom, Anina. Winovich was one of 16 former Wolverines to go through pro day at Michigan before NFL scouts on Friday. He posted some superb numbers as the NFL combine earlier this month, including a 4.59 40-yard dash, but during pro day he went through defensive line and linebacker drills. “I told one team I was trying to get my mom a car if they could help me out,” Winovich said, laughing, in response to being asked where he thinks he might be selected. “They’re going to decide if she’s getting a Ferrari or she’s getting a Camry.” Over the course of Winovich’s career at Michigan, his mother has driven a number of times from Pittsburgh, but the computer system in her car is broken, so she can’t listen to music or audiobooks. “So the past year I’ve always been motivated by that, just seeing her face,” Winovich said. “That’s something I plan on doing as my purchase. After that, my brother (Peter, a financial advisor) will be handling all my money.” Winovich will have thumb surgery Wednesday to fix an injury suffered early in the game against Ohio State. The recovery will take about two months, but he delayed surgery so he could play in the bowl game, then train for the combine and pro day. – The Detroit News